Sydney's best stand up comedy, every Thursday.

It is a sad day! After a year of closures, renovations, and negotiations, A Mic In Hand will no longer be putting on comedy at Friend In Hand hotel. 

I know! This is not the news you all were hoping for. We will be looking for a new venue but in the mean time you will have to get your comedy somewhere else.

A great show isn't only the acts, it is just as much the crowd. And for years you all have been the most important part of every show.

I hope you keep the fond memories. I know I will not forget the amazing times every Thursday night. But now we both will have to search elsewhere for laughs. Don't worry, there is plenty of laughs out there. 

There is a growing website to keep everyone informed of shows that will be happening. There will be as many shows, performers, and venues added which will help anyone find information they need about a great night out.