4th June

Ben Darsow


Ben Darsow
Ben Darsow

Ben Darsow is on fire after a sell-out Perth Fringeworld, 4.5 star Adelaide Fringe and return to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival already in 2015.

This closely follows a breakout tour of the USA and Canada in 2014.

Ben combines clever observational humour with free-flowing audience interaction and performs with an undeniable joy for the craft.

“I have never seen a comedian more in tune with the audience”
–Fresh 92.7FM

–GM Vancouver Comedy Mix

“warms up the audience with an ease most comedians could only dream of”
–Dirt & Candy


David Quirk


David Quirk
David Quirk

For those who like their comedy so dark it’s burnt, Quirk’s material travels between the profane and profound. He’s been nominated for the Golden Gibbo Award at the Melbourne Comedy festival twice, and won it in 2010 when he wrote and performed “The Incident” with Sam Simmons, which they also toured to Edinburgh.

Charm, good looks and a neverending questioning wit that makes you think while you laugh, David Quirk is one of the favourite comics on the scene today, who continues to perform some of the most poignant and hilarious comedy.

If you want to cheap jokes and slapstick, watch Two and A Half Men, but if you want to get close to the meaning of life and laughs, go see David Quirk.

“Bleeding edge comedy that questions the whole point of comedy itself”
-The Age