Sydney's best stand up comedy, every Thursday.

A Mic in Hand began in 2003 as a way of providing up-and-coming comedians with a friendly and supportive environment to hone their craft. a Mic in Hand @ The Friend in Hand Hotel has always been, and still remains one the most sought after comedy venues in Australia for both comedians and punters alike.

“A Mic in Hand is the best place to see the superstars of tomorrow. See them now, before they sell out…like I did”
-Wil Anderson

A Mic in Hand’s reputation has spread nationally and beyond. So not only is it possible to see some of this best up-and-coming comics alongside some of the most notable names in Australian comedy, it’s also to see some of the world’s most recognised funny people from time to time. Some of the special guests have included names such as Daniel Kitson, Sarah Silverman, Danny Bhoy, Todd Barry, Arj Barker, Ross Noble, Wil Anderson, Mark Watson, Sam Simmons and many, MANY more!

A Mic in Hand aims to provide audiences in Sydney with the best comedians every week at the bargain basement price of only $15 ($12 students).

A Mic in Hand @ The Friend In Hand occurs each Thursday at 8pm.

The bar also has food and drinks available should you be the kind of person who requires these things for survival.