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The Stevenson Experience

The Stevenson Experience
The Stevenson Experience

Benjamin and James Stevenson are identical twins who combine to form the musical comedy duo, “The Stevenson Experience”. They first began their comedy career in high school by winning the state finals of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Class Clowns competition. This brought them onto the main stage of the Melbourne Town Hall to perform for a sell-out crowd. Winning the state finals of the competition again the next year, spurred the brothers to become more serious about their comedy, and after spending a year honing their craft they re-emerged as The Stevenson Experience and stalwarts of the Canberra Comedy Circuit.

The Stevenson Experience has performed on the main stage at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, The Sydney Comedy Store, and the Canberra Street Theatre, many tiny country towns across Australia and can be frequently found gigging at all Canberra’s comedy venues.

“Incredibly funny and polished”
-BMA Magazine

-The Age

“Performed an awesome hip hop retelling of Macbeth”
-The Groggy Squirrel

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