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Steele Saunders & Alice Fraser

Steele Saunders

Steele Saunders
Steele Saunders

Steele Saunders is a Melbourne favourite. Not only does he have a really cool name, but he is the man behind the hugely successful “Monday Night Comedy At Spleen”. Which is a comedy night that happens at the Spleen bar…..on Mondays. He also hosts the cult podcast called “I love Green Guide Letters”, where he and some guest review the Green Guide letters in ‘The Age’ (Melbourne).

Steele has a funny looking cat which he likes more than most people he knows,  he is pretty good at skateboarding and knows how to entertain a crowd.

“Saunders stands out as one to watch.”
-Herald Sun

-Beat Magazine

Alice Fraser

Alice Fraser
Alice Fraser

While studying law at Sydney Uni, Alice was heavily involved in the theatre sports scene and the Sydney Law revue. Then after becoming a corporate lawyer and travelling the world, she did what most lawyers do. She started Stand-up comedy. Since then, she has performed in every country that she has lived in. London, Scotland, New York and back in OZ.

To watch Alice perform is like receiving a bunch of comedy flowers. I’m not talking about the bunch of flowers that squirts water at you, clowns have those and we all know that clowns live in the sewers and like to eat children. I mean it’s choc full of colours, laughs and just a delight to see.


“Charming, Brilliant and Unexpected.”
– New York Comedy Cellar

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