Release the Bees

New Comic's Night


Internationals’ Night

This is a special night filled with exotic international guests.

Exotic? Well who knows.

But it is hosted by an international and will feature a bunch of other comics from you know….over the seas.

Bryan O'Gorman


Bryan O’Gorman (CAN)

A staple in the Canadian comedy scene, Bryan is one of the hottest comics in this dimension and hopes to one day do the Queen in a hot tub full of marmalade.

Of his many credits, a few include being featured on MTV, National Lampoon Radio, Sirius XM radio, The Comedy Network, the Toronto Star, and several other things that are equally as trivial compared to the 3 day erection he gets from doing live stand-up comedy for you.

“He’s funny and sh*t”
-Sarah Silverman

“Relevant, unique and wonderfully unhinged”
-The Georgia Straight