12th April

New Comic's Night


New Comics’ Night

Something we like to do every now and then is to fill the night with all the bright-eyed and fresh-faced new comics (before they become bitter and jaded).

Usually we get a handful of new guys and girls every week, but let’s make it two handfuls.

So we’ve curated some of the most promising new comers with some of the brand spanking newbies and we will introduce them to the best comedy audience in Sydney.

Seamus McAlary


Seamus McAlary

Seamus D McAlary is best known as a comedian you’ve never heard of. He has written for TV a bit (Good News Week, ABC3’s You’re Skitting Me), has contributed dangerous opinion pieces to the Global Murdoch Empire a bit (The Daily Telegraph) and has whored his face out, thirty seconds at a time, to various corporations in exchange for big money at prime time viewing hours quite a lot (TV Ads).

He also performs stand-up comedy regularly around the country but it’s mainly for the money and job security. To be completely honest his parents pushed him into the comedy business… he always wanted to be a Doctor.

You can view his showreel here.

“An astute and insightful writer… his material is superb”
– The Daily Telegraph

“Stays away from comedy clichés… A unique style”
– Herald Sun