13 September 2018

New Comic's Night


New Comics’ Night

Something we like to do every now and then is to fill the night with all the bright-eyed and fresh-faced new comics (before they become bitter and jaded).

Usually we get a handful of new guys and girls every week, but let’s make it two handfuls.

So we’ve curated some of the most promising new comers with some of the brand spanking newbies and we will introduce them to the best comedy audience in Sydney.

Tommy Dean


Tommy Dean

Since American born American born comedian Tommy Dean moved here nearly 3 decades ago, he has occupied the top echelon of Australia’s comedy scene. Tommy’s astute, clean, observational comedic style consistently make him a stand out winner with audiences and fellow comics alike.

With super sharp banter, genial manner and vast stock of broad appeal hilarious routines interweaving the foibles of his adopted home country with the dark reality of his home country, Tommy never fails to connect with and impress any audience.

With a booming deep voice and oodles of funny things to say, he’s the only American that you actually want to listen to.