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Michael Hing

Michael Hing
Michael Hing

Michael Hing is a stand-up comedian and definitely a grown-up. He is too self-conscious and insecure to write a serious bio but he certainly can hide many of his achievements in amongst hurtful, largely self-sabotaging prose, with more unwieldy irony than quite frankly you or anyone else in the entertainment industry would ever be comfortable with. (Please employ him).

He was slated to appear at the invite-only World’s Funniest Island Comedy Festival before the entire operation went bankrupt due to poor business decisions such as inviting Michael Hing (with his, honestly, less-than-broad appeal) to perform at this event. He has also lost the prestigious Raw Comedy Competition several times (twice as a NSW State-Finalist) and it is now at the point where annually, the organizers actually plead with him not to enter, and (like a true gentleman) every year he obliges them.

“Michael isn’t so much telling jokes anymore as he is dealing with his issues.”
–Sidney Critic

“Michael King was fantastic!
–Mark Colvin, ABC Radio

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