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May 2nd

Cassie Workman


Cassie Workman
Cassie Workman

Cassie Workman is probably the most experienced newcomer to comedy in the country, owing to the fact that she previously performed under another name. She has recently returned to the stage after beginning her transition, and is already making waves.

As Michael, she entered the public eye after winning Triple J’s “Raw Comedy” national open mic competition in 2009, and was invited to perform in the Melbourne Comedy Festival’s “Comedy Zone” showcase for emerging talents the following year.

Since then, she has collected awards and nominations at every festival she performed at. She’s won the ‘Best Comedy’ in the Adelaide Fringe, the ‘Director’s Choice’ at the Sydney Comedy Festival, won the ‘Best New Comer’ award and was nominated for the Barry Award in the MCIF.

Since the beginning of 2017 Cassie has focussed on writing for TV, on “John Conway Tonight” (ABC2) and as head writer on the (as yet) unreleased “Aaron Chen Tonight” for ABC2.

Earlier in 2017, she came out as transgender, and began transitioning. After a brief absence from the stage she is now back and kicking ass.

Cassie Workman is known for her heartfelt and emotive storytelling, her incisive wit, and brutal deconstructions of the status quo. There is no other voice like hers in comedy today.

Brett Nichols


Brett Nichols
Brett Nichols

Since winning the prestigious Green Faces in 2003, Brett has become a regular headline act on both the Sydney and National comedy club and corporate circuits. He was a finalist on NBC’s ‘Last comic standing’ he is a well seasoned highly versatile comic and his ad-libbing excellence sees him transform every show into an event to remember.

Brett has knocked them dead on ‘Footy Show’ and ‘Stand Up Australia’.

His mix of the ‘clever’ and ‘rude’ appeals to the yuppie and yobbo in everyone.

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