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Matt Dyktynski & Mikey Mileos

Matt Dyktynski

Matt Dyktynski
Matt Dyktynski

Matt Dyktynski is a comedian. Matt is an actor. Matt is also a cancerian. Matt can cook reasonably well.

As an actor Matt Dyktynski has starred in films such as Love and other Catastrophes, Takeaway and the critically acclaimed, Japanese Story and in TV series like Shockjock and Raw FM.

As a Stand-Up Comic, Matt spent years based in London, becoming a regular on the highly demanding UK circuit.  All over Britain and Ireland and with gigs as far flung as Poland and Croatia, Matt has weaved his warm style to drunks everywhere and now is home in OZ looking forward to making his own people laugh and hopefully getting out of the gig alive.

“… has a show that other stand-up comics would kill for.”

-Time Out (London)

Mikey Mileos

Mikey Mileos
Mikey Mileos

Mikey started performing stand up comedy on June 29, 2006,  2 days before the end of the financial year.  He quickly learned that comedians can claim almost anything as an expense, saving himself a bucketload in taxes ($12).

Since 2009, Mikey has been pretty busy on the comedy scene.  He was televised in the the RAW Comedy National Grand Final, performed at the Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne comedy festivals several times and even made his debut at the Edinburgh Festival.

Toted as Australia’s Funniest Young Comedian by Zoo Weekly, Mikey has worked as a comedy writer for Channel 10’s hit TV show Good News Week, been heard on Triple J as part of Tom and Alex’s Good Az Friday Joke-a-thon, and is a regular on Facebook where his status updates are liked by several people.

“Australia’s Funniest Young Comedian”

– Zoo Weekly
“A joyous bonus to discover”

– The Pun

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