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March 20th

Darren Sanders


Darren Sanders
Darren Sanders

Darren Sanders has been performing stand-up comedy for 20 years (on TV shows ‘Stand Up Australia’, ‘Rove’, ‘In Melbourne Tonight’ & ‘The Russell Gilbert Show’) and headlines all of the major comedy clubs around Australia. More recently he has been travelling on cruise ships in The USA, Asia, New Zealand and South Pacific entertaining nationalities from all over the world.

2012 saw ‘The Darren Sanders Show’ air nationally on free to air and cable in both Australia and New Zealand to favorable reviews from critics and was also screened on Nine Network’s GO Channel the following year.

He appeared in Underbelly 3 and the feature film by Working Dog ‘Any Questions for Ben’ where he has the honour of having the last line in the film.

Eric Hutton


Eric Hutton
Eric Hutton

Eric Hutton is a favourite among Sydney comedy crowds and comedians alike for his deadpan delivery and hilarious insight.

He has a wonderful way of bringing you in to his world, always starting from nothing his effortless delivery engages you from the inside out. It is impossible to guess where his comic mind will take you, making the journey through the world of Eric so enjoyable.

He mixes acute observations and personal stories with his sharp intellect. You will relish every second he spends on stage sharing his uncomplicated world view. Eric Hutton has a beautiful comic mind.

“Cleverly Hillarious ****”
-The Scotsman

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