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June 27th – 10th Birthday Gala

10th Birthday Gala


10th Birthday
10th Birthday

Well folks, we have made it!
10 long hilarious years.

If you have been to a show in the past decade, we would like to say thanks. If you have been to more than one show, we would like to say more than one thanks.
It would not have been possible to be the longest continually running comedy room in Sydney without you. It’s you guys that make this the best room in Sydney.

Our 10th Birthday gala is a smorgasbord of comedy plus a 2003 retrospective. We’ve packed the stage with as many of the acts from the first show as we could plus many more that have made a mic in hand what it is today. All the music will be from 2003 provided by the original sound guy who was at the very first show when Sam Bowring and Kent Valentine birthed the room all those years ago. Sam Bowring will be host (just like the first show) and Kent Valentine will perform even though he’s living in the UK now. (How in the live video-link are we going to do that?)

It’s going to be an extra long show*, jam pack full of fun.
(*it will most likely run until 11-ish, not the usual 10:30-ish finish time)



Darren Casey
Tom Oakley
Cam Knight
Nick Sun
Tom Ballard
Scott Dooley
Tommy Dean
Benny Davis
Gary Eck
Ben Ellwood
Bec De Unamuno
Kent Valentine (via Skype)
Wayne Dixon
Dave Eastgate

Sam Bowring


Sam Bowring
Sam Bowring

Sam began performing standup comedy at the famous (at the time) Harold Park Hotel when he was 16, getting his first paid gig at 17. He has since been runner-up in the Raw Comedy National Final, nominated for Best Emerging Comic at the Adelaide Fringe, and for both Best Newcomer and the Piece of Wood Awards at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Luckily, he’s never actually won anything, so this mild success never went to his head.

He has supported the likes of Wil Anderson, Dave Hughes, and Arj Barker amongst others, and appeared often on TV, radio and in comedy festival shows around the country.

Sam’s television writing credits include the popular children’s sketch show ‘You’re Skitting Me’, as well as ‘The Big Bite’, ‘The Mansion’ and ‘The Ronnie Johns Half Hour’. He was a contributing writer and performer on ‘Stand-up! Australia’, and a staff writer on ‘Rove’.

He is also the author of 10 books and released the card game Bedlam, which was successfully funded through kickstarter and now commercially available.

“****- undeniably funny.’”
-Adelaide Advertiser

“He makes it easy to laugh… an immensely likeable boyishness.”
-Beat Magazine

“His jokes are like ninjas quietly sneaking up on you”
-Adelaide Advertiser

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