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Jazz Twemlow

Jazz Twemlow
Jazz Twemlow

The combined beard and disgruntled human known as Jazz Twemlow broke through our sovereign borders in 2011, began writing and performing for radio in 2012 (A Rational Fear, FBI Radio & Radio National), and was already on our screens by 2013 performing with satirical team The Roast (ABC2) as a disappointed British man that may have been himself.

Listed by The Guardian alongside the likes of John Oliver, The Onion, and David Mitchell as providing some of the best climate science comedy around, Jazz has also been described as “Hilariously bleak” (Sydney Fringe, 2012) and “a thinking person’s comic” (Adelaide Fringe, 2013), as much at home dismantling politics and the nature of the universe as he is talking about blacking out or summoning one of his uncanny impressions.

“Clever, cutting, high brow, and observant.”
-Weekend Notes

“Will make you laugh out loud and think at the same time”
-Sydney Fringe 2013

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