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This week:

Gary Eck & Shane Matheson

Gary Eck

Gary Eck
Gary Eck

Gary Eck is one of Australia’s most popular & versatile stand-up comedians whose sharp wit has been entertaining Australian and international audiences for nearly two decades. He is also an accomplished writer, actor and director.

Gary’s career has taken him all round the world from Edinburgh to Paris to New York and London.

He has performed his stand-up accompanied by a Live Orchestra, emceed the Myer Spring Summer Launch with Jennifer Hawkins and appeared on numerous television shows including Rove, The Footy Show, Spicks and Specks and was weekly guest on Mick Molloy’s The Nation on Channel Nine.

Gary also co-wrote and co-directed Happy Feet 2 with Academy Award winner director George Miller.

Shane Matheson

Shane Matheson
Shane Matheson

Shane has jim jams with silly monkeys on them! Need any more proof he’s the freakin’ wackiest crazy cat this side of that thing over there?

Interesting facts about Shane:
* He carried around a piece of gravel in his pocket for 11 years!
* Likes to bring up the time he bought cheap CDs in Bulgaria for some reason!
* He types about himself in the third person!
* The person he most often met while time travelling is Napoleon. Once he was in ancient Greece and there Napoleon was, buying a bouzouki. “What are you doing in Ancient Greece?” Shane asked. Napoleon shrugged and said “the exchange rate is good” in French. Seemed a bit embarrassed at being recognised, actually.

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