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February 13th

Evan Desmarais (CAN)


Evan Desmarais
Evan Desmarais

Evan Desmarais started his life in the spot light being as a child model. This sparked an addiction to attention which threw him into the world of improv, for 4 years before leaving to do stand up. His energetic child like wonder has granted him success in the business being able to work along side Maria Bamford, Jim Jefferies, Chris Hardwick and Kyle Kinane.

He has also been able to participate in Calgary’s premier comedy festival FunnyFest, North by NorthEast, and the Dark Comedy Festival. Evan’s innocence/ignorance to how the world works give him a unique look at the world through his storytelling style of joke telling. Not only funny, but he opens you up to want to discover and have fun again.

Darren Sanders


Darren Sanders
Darren Sanders

Darren Sanders has been performing stand-up comedy for 20 years (on TV shows ‘Stand Up Australia’, ‘Rove’, ‘In Melbourne Tonight’ & ‘The Russell Gilbert Show’) and headlines all of the major comedy clubs around Australia. More recently he has been travelling on cruise ships in The USA, Asia, New Zealand and South Pacific entertaining nationalities from all over the world.

2012 saw ‘The Darren Sanders Show’ air nationally on free to air and cable in both Australia and New Zealand to favorable reviews from critics and was also screened on Nine Network’s GO Channel the following year.

He appeared in Underbelly 3 and the feature film by Working Dog ‘Any Questions for Ben’ where he has the honour of having the last line in the film.

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