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Chris Wainhouse & Muj

Chris Wainhouse

Chris Wainhouse
Chris Wainhouse

After a white-bred, middle class upbringing, Chris turned out an arty-trendy sort of try hard, and a magnet for dominant women. A product of his environment, Chris lives a life of weird repetitions with no time for rational thought.

His sharp-witted and daringly clever act has seen him steadily climb the comic ladder. In 1998 he won the title of The Comedian of the Year at the famous Harold Park Hotel in Sydney, past winners include the Umbilical Brothers, Flacco, Carl Barron and Kenny Graham. Chris was also successful in taking out the Grand Final for the 1999 Triple J Raw Comedy Competition, in Melbourne, which earned him a trip to Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

Chris’ clever, provocative and original style of comedy is guaranteed to crack them up where ever he goes.

“…has audiences begging for mercy”
-Brisbane News

“Excellent, must see!”
-Courier Mail

“Chris has more character than a Disney movie”
-Time Off Magazine

Mujahid ‘Muj’ Ahmed

Mujahid 'Muj' Ahmed
Mujahid 'Muj' Ahmed

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Mujahid Ahmed, Sudan’s funniest comedian.

Mujahid has been a resident of Australia for nearly 10 years and the first thing he did when he got here was shorten his name to Muj. (How Australian.) Muj is pretty rare as there’s not that many comedians from Sudan (he is the only one in fact). It might have something to do with all the famine and civil war that isn’t conducive to producing many humorous thoughts.
“I wish you would stop stabbing me so I can die of natural causes…starvation.”

Muj has been grazing in the comedy pastures of Adelaide for the past few years before recently moving to Sydney, and we are glad to have him. There have been some pretty impressive gigs on his CV like ‘Enough Rope’ with Andrew Denton and he also toured as Fiona O’loughlin’s support act.

Bad luck Sudan, he belongs to us now. (Australia 1 – Sudan 0)

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