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Chris Martin

Chris Martin
Chris Martin

Chris Martin is NOT a musician with a baby named after an iPod. He’s one of the hottest stars of the UK comedy scene.
He also has a podcast with fellow comedian Carl Donnelly you can play on an iPod (the device, not the baby). His podcast is currently ranked in the Top 10 Comedy podcasts in the UK. Pretty impressive.

During his rise to the forefront of the UK scene, he has supported touring acts like Jack Whitehall, Russell Kane and Milton Jones. He sold out his Edinburgh festival shows in 2011 and next year will be embarking on his first solo tour of the UK.

Chris is currently in Sydney to take advantage of the clueless Coldplay fans that don’t bother to research before turning up to gigs.

“Destined for Greatness”
-The Sunday Times

“One of the UK’s best”
-The Guardian

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