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This week:

Bedlam – a thoroughly uncooperative card game


Sam Bowring has joined forced with his ridiculous friend Dave Williams, to create Bedlam – a game in which you strive to stay Brave and Sane in a crazy, scary world.

The game is funny, strategic, and hugely competitive. Hit your friends with the Double Edged Broom Handle! Program the Skyscraper Sized Death Robot to zap them with lasers! And always make sure you’re wearing your Genuine Leather Underpants.

Featuring over 180 unique cards that showcase the art of punk rocker Mike Foxall, with guest artist Scod from Tripod, Bedlam is currently available on Kickstarter, starting with the base game for only 25 buckery-boo-baas.

‘It’s like you’re stuck in an asylum world, full of all the other loonies the multiverse rejected,’ says Sam. ‘And they all want a piece of you. Not to mention that other players will be trying their darndest to constantly screw you over.’

You can also get cards made using your photo or likeness and PLAY WITH YOURSELF.

If you enjoy comedy (WHICH YOU EVIDENTLY DO) then don’t just enjoy it on Thursdays at the Mic in Hand – enjoy a good laugh around the kitchen table with the card game Bedlam.

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