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20th July

Matty B


Matty B Album Launch
Matty B Album Launch

Matty B is the most adorable space cadet you will meet. He’s part philosopher, part stoner and a part time model with a point of view that is definitely off the planet.

He performs comedy, writes and performs music, he can juggle and can regularly be seen busking with his left of centre perspective.
His surreal and frequently outright silly sense of humour will lure you into a world where walking your dog can be a treachorous ordeal and mermaids host under age raves in remote cave systems.

Watching Matty B is a low impact high cardio workout for your brain, plus it’s a whole lot of fun.

Bec Charlwood


Bec Charlwood
Bec Charlwood

Since beginning her comedy career just a few short years ago, Bec Charlwood has gone from strength to strength. Or more literally, from Perth to Sydney.

She’s hard working, got a bunch of spunk and is making her mark on the comedy scene. This week is your chance to see what all the fuss it about.

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